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Vero Beach - Serving all of Florida


Our Legacy

Ron and Steve Price come by their love of trees naturally. 

"I was born in Vero and became one of the first tree movers in Indian River County over 40 years ago. With my son, Steve, we continue that legacy. He's been loving trees with me for over 21 years now...and believe me, we don't do it for the money. Our goal has always been to save our treasured trees." 

Large enough to handle your needs and small enough to care about the outcome. Our reviews speak for themselves. 

It Takes Talent

Specimen tree work in Florida is not for the faint of heart. It takes extensive experience to get a large tree off to a good start. We know what we're doing and we take pride in that knowledge.  

We've Got the Goods

With our heavy equipment, trucks, and three large tree spades we've got what it takes to move in and complete your job in a timely and cost effective manner.  

Ask us for help.